Florida Alimony Explained In Brief

In Florida, alimony is not assured. You need to show the court that you need alimony in order to receive it. Under Florida divorce laws, alimony is determined on a case by case basis, dependent on a number of factors. It is up to a court to rule on whether or not you should receive alimony, but that does not mean you have no say in the matter when you employ a Central Florida lawyer.

Alimony Issues To Consider In Florida

Prior to filing the petition for dissolution via a Central Florida lawyer, it is quite important for you to take into consideration whether or not you need alimony. This is a payment made from one spouse to the other in a divorce or legal separation to help them to pay for their day-to-day needs. Often, one spouse will remain home with the children while the other works. One may have a higher paying job and yet the other helps to facilitate that spouse's job by providing for the home. In situations like this, there is often the need for one spouse to compensate the other within Florida divorce laws.

If a stay at home dad did not work for four years because he was carrying for the children as the mother worked, the dad would need some level of financial support as he transitioned back into the working world. For this reason, the courts may determine that temporary alimony is necessary.

Other Concerns with Florida Alimony

There are several other concerns to discuss with an Orlando lawyer when it comes to alimony:

  • How and when is alimony awarded?
  • How long should the person receive alimony payments?
  • For temporary alimony, how long will it be paid?
  • Will child support also be paid?
  • What conditions of the alimony are there, if any?

When filing divorce in Florida, it is always beneficial for the parties to agree to as many of the issues as possible. In doing this, you and your spouse can make the decisions that are right for each of you. While the Florida divorce court will need to approve the plan you put in place, it is best to make these decisions yourself when it is possible. An Orlando lawyer can help you to make these decisions and help you to file for Florida alimony.

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