The Florida Bail Process Explained

The Florida bail process is something you hopefully never need to learn.  However, if you do, there are some steps you need to follow.  If you are in jail, you may need to contact a bail bondsman to assist you in securing the bail you will need. Whether it is for you or for someone else, it is likely you will need to understand the bail issues before you contact a central Florida lawyer. No matter what you’ve done or what you think about the charges against a loved one, getting the bail right is an important part of the process.

Starting the Florida Bail Process

The Florida bail process begins with giving the information the bail bondsman needs: name of the arrestee, the birth date of the arrestee, and the county in which they’ve been arrested.  The bail bonds company will then process the information and place the bond up for the arrestee once the information is verified.  This process doesn’t take long and doesn’t require a Florida attorney to complete.  But while you might not think you need a central Florida lawyer yet, it never hurts to look into getting a criminal defense attorney right after you leave jail if not before.   

You Need to Pay the Bail Back

No matter what the bail issues are that you are facing, you know what you need to do after the bail has been posted - show up in court of course.  Though you might wish you were finished with the process, this is far from the case.  After posting bail, the bail bond company will then be responsible for you showing up to your court appearances.  Moreover, if you don’t, they will come and find you.  You will also need to pay back the bail bonds posted for you before the bail bonds company will release you from their charge.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re done with your legal troubles.

At that time, you will need a Florida attorney to help you manage your case. It is best to work with someone with knowledge of the bail process so you do not end up spending time in prison for no reason and you do not end up having to deal with unexpected situations or issues because you were uninformed. This means you will not need to overcome or deal with any of the not so easy to tolerate problems or bail issues that may arise in the Florida bail process.

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