A Florida Child Custody Attorney Can Help with Child Custody Issues

A Florida child custody attorney can help you through the challenges of your divorce. Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of ending a marriage. Any person who has children and who is faced with separation and divorce needs to take the time to consider the effects of that separation on the children. However, with careful planning and the support of a Central Florida lawyer, it is possible that the children will be in a better situation than in the midst of a troubled marriage.

How Divorce Works in Florida

When you file for divorce in Florida, the divorce courts will receive the petition from your Orlando lawyer to dissolve your marriage. Whenever possible, it is valuable for you to have worked out an agreement prior to filing those documents. Included in that negotiation should be what will happen to your children. This way, when you file the divorce, the plans you and your spouse have agreed to could legally be put into place.


If you do not do this, you will need to allow the courts to make a ruling in terms of child custody with the help of your Central Florida lawyer. Custody is not always an easy process and it can involve a variety of circumstances in terms of what the child's needs are, who can financially afford to provide for the child, and even what the child's desires may be. While it might be advisable to settle the custody issue out of court, naturally it may not be possible in all circumstances.  Clearly, in that circumstance this will have to be worked out via mediation or in court.

Florida Child Custody Attorney and Custody Mediation

You can contact an Orlando lawyer to work for you as a mediator. A Florida mediated divorce is likely to be upheld in a court of law. A mediator does not take sides, but helps to facilitate the negotiations of the terms of your divorce, which may also include what happens with children from that marriage.

With or without mediation, it is likely you will be better off with a Florida child custody attorney to be on your side to help you through the process. This can be especially critical if you hope to settle disagreements between you and your spouse on the care of your child.

If you need family law advice, contact a Florida child custody lawyer for the help you need and ask a lawyer for a few minutes of legal advice over the phone at no cost to you.