Construction Liens: Protect Yourself

Construction liens can occur when a contractor performing work on a home or a materials supplier is not paid. As a result, the contractor or the supplier has the legal right to place a lien on the property, which means that the property may not be sold until the lien is paid. The contractor can also sue the property owner for foreclosure. In this type of legal situation, it is critical to get aid from a trusted Florida attorney.

Getting A Lien Released

The Orlando, Florida real estate market has consistently seen builders, contractors and suppliers use liens to ensure that they are paid for the work they have completed. If you are a property owner with a lien, you may be looking for help with this lien. You can do this in several ways, depending on the terms of the contract and the situation itself. Construction liens can be removed if not properly filed.

Putting Construction Liens in Place

If you need help establishing a construction lien on a property you have worked on and have not been paid for, it is critical to use the services of a an Orlando lawyer to help establish such a lien and to help with getting you paid. You can gather some critical information from contacting and working with an attorney through this process.

We Can Help You with Liens

An Orlando lawyer at Olsen Law Group can provide services the both the property owner and the contractor. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Was there a legally binding contract at the start of the project?
  • Was the lien timely and properly filed and served?
  • Is there any recourse available outside of the lien process for a contractor to get paid?
  • Can the contractor foreclose the owner’s property?
  • What legal grounds are available to fight such a charge, such as poor workmanship?

What is critical to understand is that each situation is unique. It is important that you seek the advice of an attorney to avoid the costly loss of funds. A Florida attorney specializing in these types of liens can provide you with the information you need.

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