Collection Lawyers in Florida Help You with Debt Collections

You may need a collections lawyer in Florida when someone owes you money and you need to collect.  If you are a business owner or manager, you are probably faced with one of three scenarios:

  • The debtor wants to pay you but, for financial reasons, can't right now.
  • The debtor wants to delay their payment to you, but does plan to pay.
  • The debtor does not intend to pay you and, in that case, you may need a debt collection attorney.

Part of the solution is to determine what type of debtor you are you dealing with.  If you can work with a financially troubled debtor, you may save attorney’s fees and a loyal customer for the future.

Regardless of which type of debtor you are dealing with, the Olsen Law Group can help you design and apply strategies to maximize the likelihood of your getting paid.

Will it take a collection's lawyer in Florida to get your money?  One way to find out is to use our Ask A Lawyer service.

There are many reasons why you may not be getting the money you are owed.  The real question is what you will do about it.  If you are talking to your customer about the debt, it is helpful to be straightforward about the issue, listen to what the debtor has to say and, above all, don't get personal with him or her.  Stay calm in talking with your customer, but keep a sense of urgency about being paid. 

If talking to your customer is not successful, then using collections lawyers in Florida could be your next step.  Maybe you need to do a combination of both phone calls and letters...another reason to use our free Ask A Lawyer service

Business owners sometimes offer a deep discount to induce a debtor to pay.  You would probably want to finalize this agreement with a mutual release and settlement document.  This is a legal document that is created by a debt collection attorney.  Turning over the debt to a collection agency is might be a last resort, as their fee might be as much as 50% of what is collected.  You might want to consider mediation, arbitration, or a law suit before going to a collection agency and we can help with that process. 

Our goal at the Olsen Law Group, as collections lawyers in Florida, at is to help you understand your options and provide you with options that will enable you to have the best chance at being paid. 

At our firm, we have collections lawyers in Florida who offer you a no obligation free consultation. Take us up on that offer today.