Florida Mediated Divorce: Will This Work for You?

Florida mediated divorce is quickly becoming one of the best solutions for those who wish to get amicably divorced and who need help getting from the point of separation to the point of agreement on the divorce terms.

In mediation, you and your spouse will come together to meet with a neutral person to serve as the mediator. The goal is to work through any of your legal problems you can in an effort to keep them out of divorce court.

Mediating a Divorce?

How does divorce mediation work? The mediator will remain neutral between both parties which means he or she does not provide any Florida divorce laws advice to either party. The mediator is also not the attorney for either party, but works in both parties’ best interest. However, the mediator can:

  • Provide information that both parties should be aware of
  • Provide guidance in terms of encouraging negotiation, though he or she cannot provide specific advice
  • Works towards a resolution that is agreeable to all parties involved.

Under Florida divorce laws, mediation is not something that you have to do, it is voluntary. However, it can provide you with the best step in taking care of your future without having to get a divorce lawyer in Orlando.

Filing for Divorce in Florida

While it’s helpful to utilize meditation services whenever possible before consulting a divorce lawyer in Orlando, residents may find this isn’t the best solution for their situation. When and if you cannot make decisions with your spouse, you can then allow a judge to make the decisions regarding your situation. That may mean reducing the overall amount of control either party has in the case.

Florida Mediated Divorce Help

Florida divorce and separation can often be mediated successfully, though, especially since both parties are working from the same base of knowledge and just need to work through the specifics of the case. In many cases, mediation can be a good way of amicably settling a relationship.

If you need divorce mediation, a Florida mediated divorce attorney with Olsen Law Group can provide this service to you. From simple cases to Florida divorce with children and high net worth individuals, you need guidance on the laws for divorce. Mediation allows you and your spouse to come to agreements on your own, so you both remain in control of your future.

Want to know more about Florida divorce laws or other family law?

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