Power of Attorney in Florida: Protect Your Wishes

Do you have power of attorney in Florida? When life takes an unfortunate turn, you need to have a power of attorney in place to allow someone to make heath care and financial decisions for you. This type of tool is critical to maintaining your control over your life. You can avoid difficult situations in which family members argue about what to do by having a Florida living will in place as well.

Central Florida Lawyers Can Help with a Power of Attorney

With a power of attorney, you don’t have to worry as much under certain situations.  For example:

  • As you drive to work, you are injured in a car accident and rendered unable to communicate for some time. Who will tell your doctor about your wishes in terms of which doctors, hospitals and medications.
  • If you are in a terminal condition, do you want to be kept alive by artificial means?

With the help of an Orlando attorney, you can have the answers to these questions already determined in a legal document.  While the idea of a Florida living will can seem scary to some, it is important to note the specifics of this agreement.  When you give someone durable powers of attorney, they are not given the right to make these decisions for you. Rather, they are given the duty to make the decisions that you would want if you had the ability to communicate those needs.

Need a Power of Attorney in Florida?

It is often in your best interest and to give a health care and financial durable power of attorney to someone. It could be a close friend, your spouse or even your Orlando attorney. This person could also be named as executor of your will, if you would like them to be named as such. In that case, that person will also work through the probate process for your estate to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

It does not have to be difficult to put this piece of the puzzle in place. Contact a lawyer to start making decisions about yourself, including giving someone power of attorney in Florida so your wishes are always carried.

To learn more about power of attorney in Florida you can contact us now at no cost and ask a lawyer.

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