Create a Florida Corporation That Works For You

To create a Florida corporation, you need to register your business with the state. It sounds easy but there could be a number of problems in the future if not thought through carefully. If you are like many people, you want the fastest and least expensive way to incorporate. However, that may be penny wise, and pound foolish. It is likely in your best interest to turn to an Orlando attorney with experience in incorporating businesses.

Florida Corporation Law Advice for You

Do you want to learn the process for how to create a Florida corporation? There are varieties of additional issues and thinking them through is important and not necessarily that simple, which is why a Central Florida lawyer may be warranted:

  • Determine what type of corporation you need to be, including whether you need to be registered as an out-of-state corporation.
  • You will enter into a pre-incorporation agreement with all of the cofounders of the business. This will allow for the organization of the ownership, and determines who will serve on the first board of directors. It also determines stock options within the business.
  • You will then file an application for Florida corporation registration under the name of your business. You will do this through the Florida Secretary of State.
  • You will then prepare articles of incorporation for the business. This must be done according to the laws of the state. After you have done so, the state will send you a certificate stating that your business incorporation is in place.
  • You will need to hold a stockholders meeting after you receive the corporate charter from the state.

Create a Florida Corporation with an Attorney

A business law attorney will help you through this complex process of how to create a corporation. Although the actual Florida corporation registration process can be done without an Orlando attorney, it is probably best to rely on a trusted attorney through this process since an attorney is more likely to get you the best results for the long term. A Central Florida lawyer will help you to determine if you should incorporate, how to do so, what you need to do, to do so properly and how to manage internal and external elements of your business once you are incorporated.

It can take a few weeks up to a few months for this process to be completed depending on how complex the issues and the complexity of your business. The cost is dependent on a number of factors as well. However, you are likely to save money in the long run and to have more success if you work with an attorney who specializes in this area of business law to create a Florida corporation.

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You can ask a lawyer at no cost to you about completing an incorporation that works for you long term.