Florida Landlord Tenant Law

Florida landlord tenant law is one of the most complicated of all types of Florida real estate law. There are varieties of things that occur given this scenario. Great tenants and even better property owners often work well together. However, disputes are not uncommon. From the beginning, landlords are likely to benefit from having an Orlando real estate attorney by their side.   Being able to navigate the law can save many headaches.

Problem Tenants or Problem Landlord?

Florida has laws that regulate the relationship between property owners and their tenants. Any landlord who does not follow the legal requirements could face costly problems. Further, many landlords find themselves facing difficult tenants and need legal advice. On the other hand, there are tenants who need legal advice to handle difficult landlords. The fact is there are many situations when using an attorney makes sense when it comes to real estate in Florida.

Florida Landlord Tenant Law Help

When it comes to real estate, Florida has plenty of restrictions on both landlords and tenants, including requirements for how legal transactions need to take place. That includes all of the following circumstances and many more.

  • Preparing the real estate lease for a new tenant and landlord relationship
  • Managing security deposits according to Florida law
  • Handling disputes over rent and repairs
  • Managing eviction notices
  • Developing and maintaining contract reviews and extensions
  • Handling credit checks and employment checks
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Handling security deposits after the tenant moves out

In each of these legal situations, the landlord or tenant can handle the transactions on their own. However, it is often best to use an attorney. This ensures that your concerns and needs are handled properly and within the letter of the law. When disputes occur, negotiations or even mediation can be handled through an attorney who deals with real estate in Florida.

With the aid of an experienced attorney, you can avoid mistakes and manage your relationship in Florida landlord tenant law. We can help you avoid and resolve any of your legal situations as a landlord or a tenant.

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