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Florida Law Articles on Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings

Learn about the legal process involved in residential and commercial real estate, from contract to closing. Find out about Florida Real Estate Law.

Representing Buyers and Sellers at Real Estate Closings

Many make the mistake of not having an attorney represent their interests at closing, which may create problems in the future. 

Contracts for Purchase and Sales

Under Florida real estate law, contracts lay the foundation for the rest of the closing process. An attorney can help you through this process to ensure that you are protected in this very important step.

Landlord and Tenant Law

No matter how well you screen your tenants, it is likely that you will face some instances that require legal help. Learn about how we provide landlord and tenant legal services to you. 

Mortgage Foreclosures and Foreclosure Defense

Find out how and attorney can help you to stop or delay the foreclosure process

Quiet Title Actions

Find out what quiet title actions are and when they are used.

Construction Liens

Construction liens can force you to pay twice for work on your home. Our law firm can provide you with the resources you need to avoid this. Find out what they are and what to do  about them.

Property Lines Disputes

This is yet another area where you hope to never have a problem, but property line disputes occur often. Learn what they are and what your legal recourse is.

Florida Law Articles on Wills and Trusts

Simple Wills

Every person should have a simple will, even if you do not think that you own anything of value. Find out what it takes to write your own will or services our firm offers.

Wills with Trusts and Guardianships for Minor Children

If you have minor children, it is critical to plan for what happens if both parents pass away. Find out how to do this and how we can help you.

Durable Power of Attorney

If something happens to you, who will make financial and health care decisions for you? This resource provides you with information about durable powers of attorney.

Living Wills

Living wills asks that you not be kept alive by artificial means and explains your wishes.

Living Trusts for Avoiding Probate

Living trusts can help you avoid probate and minimize estate taxes. Learn more here.

Florida Law Articles on Probate

Probate Upon the Death of a Loved One

Probate is a complex and lengthy process. Learn more about this process and what it provides to you.

Florida Law Articles on Business Issues

Incorporating Businesses

What does it mean to incorporate? How can you do this? We will tell you.

Sub S Corporation

Do you need this tax status and, if so, would it benefit you? Find out here.

Formation of LLC's

The formation of LLC's can protect you from personal liability. Learn about what it is and how to create an LLC.

Florida Law Articles on Criminal Defense

Defense of all Misdemeanors and Felonies

If you are charged with a crime, it might not be the best idea to rely on a public defender. Learn more about criminal charges here.

DUI Defense

DUI is a serious offense. Learn what to do.

Expungement and Sealing of Criminal Records

Find out what it is and how it might serve you.

Drug Possession and Distribution Charges

If you have been charged, you need legal assistance. Find out what can be done to help you to defend this charge.

Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is a serious charge. Find out the legal definition for it and how to work through it.

Probation Violation

Probation is an opportunity to avoid jail time. If you are charged with violating probation, you need to protect yourself from further punishment.

Bail Issues

Learn about bail and what could occur with it.

Florida Law Articles on Lawsuits or Civil Litigation

Response to Being Served with a Summons

Did you know that you have options? Find out what they are and what can be done.

Defense of all Civil Litigation Claims

If someone is suing you, you need to learn about how to defend yourself.

Information on the Procedure of Bringing Forth a Lawsuit

Do you want to bring a lawsuit against someone? We can help you decide the best course of action.

Small Claims Action

Small claims include collection of debts, claims against your repairman and contractors plus much more. 

Name Change

Do you need to change your name? Find out more here.

Wills Contests

How do you contest a will? How to do you protect yourself from this?

Florida Law Articles on Family Law


When it comes to divorce, individuals often need the help of an attorney to ensure they are protected.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation does work for many people. We can provide these services. Consider if they are the right option for you.

Prenuptial Agreements

They work well when people have children from prior marriages. 

Child Custody

Both parents love their child but it is never an easy decision to make. Find out what we can do to help you


Find out what alimony is and how you can claim it. Also find out how it is determined and how you to resolve issues.


Learn about paternity. Find out what it takes to get the help that you need to determine paternity. It is your right to do so.


Learn about the legal process of adoption including why it is critical for you to have legal representation through the process.

Florida Law Articles on Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Learn about managing debt collection issues including why it is helpful to have legal advice and assistance during these proceedings. 

Protection from Debt Collection

Learn about debt collection and how to manage this process with the help of a legal professional to ensure you are protected during the court process.


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