Foreclosure Defense: You Have Options

Through foreclosure defense, there are legal strategies that can stop or delay foreclosure and help you to remain in your home longer. If you are facing foreclosure, you can do something about it. Your first goal should be to hire an attorney to assist you with real estate foreclosure in Florida.

What Is Foreclosure Defense About?

Foreclosure occurs when a lender starts the legal process of taking ownership of your home because you have defaulted on the mortgage. This legal process takes between three months and a year. You need to defend yourself as soon as possible with an experienced Florida real estate lawyer.

However, you can defend against this in many cases. Legal defense proceedings do provide for options for the homeowner. Keep in mind that lenders want to keep you in the home. However, they may not give you all of the options available to you. That is why you need an attorney to work for you.

What Can An Attorney Do?

There are a variety of ways to manage real estate foreclosure in Florida. The first step in the process is to contact a Florida real estate lawyer who will break down the options for you for defense.  Just a few of these options may include:

  • Short sale of the property, where the lender accepts less than the house’s mortgage loan and you sell the property.
  • Loan modifications can help many to modify their loan enough so that they can get caught up in payments and get back on track.
  • Other options include a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or a deficiency judgment

Foreclosure is incredibly painful for homeowners. Not only may you lose your home, but you also face years of difficulty with credit. Fighting the lender's case can help you to avoid these painful consequences. Depending on your circumstances, your home may not be taken away from you.  Take the first step right now and contact an attorney to represent you.

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