Florida Paternity Law Information

Florida paternity laws are similar to those in the rest of the country. Child custody and child support are just two reasons why it is quite important for paternity tests to be conducted to determine who a child's father is. However, the law does not determine what this means to your unique situation. There are always additional factors that play a role in if you will get custody of your child, if you need to pay child support or other outcomes.

Learn More About Florida Paternity Laws

It is critical that anyone who is in a paternity battle actually get the help that he or she needs from a family law attorney before heading into court. An Orlando lawyer can help you to navigate this ever changing and confusing area of the law. Consider the following situations to see just how important it can be to hire a lawyer to help you with your paternity needs.

  • Establishing parental rights: If an individual believes that a child is their child, an attorney can help you to petition the court for a paternity test. However, you will need to have reasonable evidence or information to support your claim under Florida paternity laws.
  • Establishing custody: If you wish to have custody of your child, you may wish to formally establish the paternity of the child. Again, an attorney can help ensure that you are rightfully the parent of the child and help to establish your reason for wanting to provide a home for the child.
  • Determining support: If a parent does not believe a child is theirs, a paternity test may be needed to help determine if the parent needs to provide financial support for the child.

These situations work both ways. For example, in a Florida divorce with children, a mother may wish to have custody of her children and may believe that the child is in fact the child of another man, other than her husband. Therefore, she may wish to have a paternity test conducted to verify this information. In this type of situation, a family law attorney is highly recommended since the husband may still wish to have rights to the child especially if they have been in the child's life for an extended amount of time.

The situations that come up around Florida paternity can be numerous and very emotional. It is not unusual to wind up in court.  If you need to get a paternity test from someone or you wish to learn more about your individual case, you might want to get in contact with an attorney before taking action.

The right Orlando lawyer can help you to establish paternity.  Talk at no cost to our Florida paternity lawyer today.

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