Florida Probate Information and Resources

Florida probate law often seems overwhelming.  Additionally, who likes to think about passing away?  At Olsen Law Group, we handle probates on a day-to-day basis and we have learned to break it down for our clients and a step-by-step basis. Probate is often required even when people have living trusts. 

This process of probate makes sure that a person’s estate is distributed according to the terms of their will.  As part of the probate, we also make sure that your valid creditors and final taxes get paid pursuant to your legal will.

One of the best ways to minimize inheritance taxes and the probate process is to use living trusts. With a living trust, you determine which of your assets go into the trust, who will get the funds within the trust, and what stipulations are placed on the trust.

How to Establish a Plan For Probate

There are different kinds of probate depending of the size of the estate and how long the person has been deceased. These include ‘administration unnecessary’, ‘summary administration’, and ‘full administration’. In most cases, the court will honor the terms contained within legal wills.  Also, know that probate sometimes require that your executor must be represented by an attorney.

Do you have more questions about Florida probate?  Feel free to ask one of the lawyers at Olsen Law Group about Florida probate law.