Property Disputes: Why You Need Help

Property disputes can turn good neighbors into warring neighbors. It is always best for anyone involved to settle these issues as soon as it is possible to do so. The law focuses on the facts presented with Florida real estate disputes.

Getting Help from a Lawyer

If you live in the Greater Orlando area, you probably would want help from an Orlando real estate lawyer with your property disputes. These attorneys have the ability to provide you with guidance in settling the problem you are facing.  What sort of help would an attorney provide in Florida real estate disputes? Let's take a look of what happens.

  • You will describe the situation to the attorney.
  • The attorney will give you specific help in regards to the legality of your claim. If the claim is something that you should legally fight, the attorney will provide you with information on how to do so.
  • The attorney may also take the time to work through some investigation work, such as contacting the appropriate Florida title company, inquiring about the title itself and noting if a title search was conducted properly.
  • Compare documents from previous sales and county records to note if there are any discrepancies that could be causing the problem.
  • The attorney can mediate talks between you and your neighbor, if that would help to settle the issue legally. Real estate disputes like these often get carried away due to miscommunication.
  • If needed, the case may reach a point of going to court. If there is information that is presented on both sides that seems to offer different opinions on the property line disputes, then the court will want to see a survey for each property.
  • If any planning or work after the case is filed is needed, the attorney will work with you to ensure this happens.

Handle Property Disputes with Help

Property line disputes do not have to be hard to navigate. After all, you are likely to live next to this person for some time and if you may be able to work it out quickly with minimal stress on both sides.  Florida real estate can often be complex simply because records change and mistakes occur. With the aid of an experienced Orlando real estate lawyer though, the property disputes you are facing may be settled faster than you expect.

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