Stop Debt Collectors - Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible to stop debt collectors in legally. If you are facing significant debt that you cannot repay, debt collectors will begin to contact you, as you likely know already since they are calling you now. You can get protection from debt collectors though. Hiring an attorney is often a strong move on your part in this situation, especially if you are considering bankruptcy. The key here is to know what your options are legally. There are laws in place to help individuals to stop creditors from calling as well as other legal strategies that can be helpful to you and limit the damage.

Follow the Letter of the Law

One of the ways that you can stop debt collectors is to simply prove that they are violating the country's fair debt collection practices. Among these laws that protect you are the following requirements:

  • Debt collectors cannot threaten you in any way.
  • If you tell a debt collector to not contact you at your place of employment even one time, they legally cannot do so again.
  • Debt collectors can only contact you at certain times per day, including no earlier than 8 am your time and no later than 9:00 p.m. your time.

These regulations help to stop creditors from calling who are using unfair means to collect on the debt. However, if a collector does any of these things, it is quite important to report the incidence to a Florida lawyer so that he or she may either provide a warning to the creditor or even file a lawsuit against that creditor for violating your rights according to debt collection practices.

Do You Need Bankruptcy to Stop Debt Collectors?

Sometimes the best way to get the ultimate protection from debt collectors is to simply file bankruptcy. Once you file bankruptcy documentation with the state of Florida, all collection activity will cease. If the bankruptcy goes through, you may be discharged from most types of unsecured debts.

The process of filing bankruptcy has gotten more difficult. In 2005, new laws were put in place to regulate the bankruptcy process. There are now requirements for you to meet including deadline requirements and income limitations. When you work with an Orlando lawyer who is experienced in bankruptcy, he or she will ensure that your bankruptcy case goes as well as is possible. You can get protection from debt collectors. In order to stop debt collectors, though, you will need to make the first step.

Ready for a first step?  Then ask a lawyer at no cost to you about how to stop debt collectors.