Real Estate Litigation In Florida - Quiet Title Actions

Real estate litigation in Florida involves taking a legal dispute to court. Perhaps you just purchased your home, or you have been living there for some time. Then, someone comes to you and states that they have ownership of your Orlando, Florida real estate. How could this happen? They believe they should own the property since they never signed a title giving someone else the right to sell it to you. This is just one example of how you may be facing a complex legal problem when it comes to real estate litigation.

There are many other ways that you could find yourself struggling to stay in your home.  For real estate litigation in Florida, a Florida attorney is likely to be of considerable help. However, quiet title actions can be an excellent way to resolve them. Florida real estate fraud laws protect homeowners from simple mistakes and from those who are legally misrepresenting themselves. Keep in mind that the other person, though, may have a valid claim to the property.

More Depth On Quiet Title Actions?

In this form of real estate litigation, the courts hear your case for why you should be declared the one and only owner of the Orlando, Florida real estate. This legal process establishes one party’s title to the real property against anyone else who may be planning to challenge that right or those who plan to lay claim to the title. In other words, a court of law will rule that you and only you have the legal right to the title.

Real Estate Litigation in Florida Defense Examples

Unlike a standard Florida real estate contract, not everything is in black and white when it comes to quiet title actions suits. You will need to give reasons why the property should be yours rather than the person making the claim. This often means finding a legal maneuver to overcome any disputes and challenges. Some of the grounds for using this type of complaint may include:

  • Adverse possession
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Tax deeds
  • Boundary disputes between cities, states or private parties
  • Surveying errors

Hiring a Florida attorney to handle this matter for you is likely to be the best option. With real estate litigation in Florida, you need to find an experienced attorney with a record of accomplishment that you feel good working with.  That is likely to be the only way you can rest easy, knowing your making the best effort possible.

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