Response to a Summons: What You Need to Know

The response to a summons needs to be completed typically within 20 days of being served.  Answering a summons in Florida requires that you file the original Answer and mail a copy to each attorney involved in the case. Often, you will be best served to speak with a Central Florida lawyer to properly file an answer and to assert any affirmative defenses you may have.

While a summons may appear simple, you might overlook something important in the attached complaint or your required answer. With a lawyer, you will be able to completely understand the document and how it might affect you. It will not take long for an attorney to look over a summons and tell you what you need to do. Often, you will need to appear in court when answering a summons or the lawyer may advise you otherwise.

Response to a Summons - Don't Ignore Them

There are different types of summons, which might appear on your doorstep. In addition, the jargon in them might be confusing to you. However, you cannot simply ignore the summons or else a default judgment might be entered against you. You will need to file an answer, which will admit or deny the allegations in the complaint.  While you might need to appear in court, this is not always the case. Realizing what your options are is one of the biggest reasons for seeking out legal advice.

An attorney will know what the summons is, what it means, and how best to respond to it. The attorney will know the options and the consequences of various actions and help you decide what you should do in the matter.

When deciding about a response to a summons you are well advised to seek advice from a Central Florida lawyer. Be sure and safe in the matter. This way you will avoid errors and you will have the correct answer and the appropriate response to summons.

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