Simple Wills: What You Should Know

Simple wills are not as simple as you may think especially if you have minor children or substantial assets. It is important that you follow the legal requirements to ensure that your will is valid. To make a will, first consider what you would like to do with your assets. Then consider asking a Florida wills and trust lawyer with Olsen Law Partners to answer a few questions for you at no cost to you.

Simple Wills: What They Can Do

You can do many things when you create a will. Consider the following decisions you can make with or without the aid of an experienced Florida wills and trust lawyer.

  • Determine which of your assets you wish to leave to each of your heirs.
  • Determine and list your heirs. They do not have to be your children.
  • Make decisions about your life insurance and retirement accounts, though these documents should also list the specific beneficiaries.
  • Set up a trust for your minor children.
  • Determine who will make decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated and unable to do so.
  • List any charities that you wish to give your assets to, as well as what they will receive.
  • Make note of the types of trusts you are putting in place for any special circumstances.
  • Provide details about how your debts should be paid.
  • Plan out your funeral services, by listing what you would like to occur when you pass.
  • Provide any information necessary to your loved ones.

When you create simple wills, you can leave as much information and resources as you would want to your loved ones. Even if you have no family and have only a small amount of assets, you can insure that your wishes are carried out rather than letting the statutes determine what happens.

Understanding what it takes to make a valid will is not easy, but it is something that you should take the time to do before you create a will. This will insure that your wishes are carried out. 

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You can ask a lawyer at no cost to you about simple wills about when you are ready.